WordPress and SEO for 2019

If you've checked our Pricing page, you've seen that we only work on WordPress sites. But why?

WordPress has advantages over other types of websites when it comes to SEO. First, WordPress itself is SEO friendly out of the box. Due to the architecture of a WordPress site it is easier for Google to crawl and index WP sites. Because we guarantee first page placement within six months we would simply be at a disadvantage right out of the gate if we had to optimize non-Wordpress sites against their WP competition.

Second, there are a number of plugins for WordPress that make ranking them easier. Everything these plugins do can be done manually on a non-Wordpress site, but doing so can be time and thus cost-prohibitive, plus using professional plugins takes the guesswork out and makes it much easier to do these optimization tasks free of errors.

A short list of these plugins would include but not be limited to:

  • Yoast SEO (analyzes your content for crawlability and ease of reading)
  • WP Schema Pro (adds Schema markup to your site - something we know Google likes)
  • WP Rocket (speeds sites that are not on premium hosts)
  • Wordfence or Securi (not really an SEO plugin, but rather for site security. Makes it much harder for your site to be hacked)
  • Facebook Feed Pro (adds your Facebook feed to your webpage. Done right, Google sees this as regular new content, which is very good for SEO)

This is just a short list of the plugins that give WordPress a serious advantage over the competition.

What if I Don't Have a WordPress Site?

We can help with that too. We have two pricing options for building you a brand spanking new WordPress site guaranteed to be Search Engine Friendly. Whether your site is Wix, Squarespace, Joomla, another CMS or custom built, we can rebuild it in WordPress and keep all your current content, including images. Check our Themes page for a selection of professional dental practice site themes.

But I Already Have a WordPress Site!

Maybe you already have a WordPress site, but we've still told you we need to build a new one. Why?

If your current WordPress site is based upon an older theme it may not be responsive, that is, it doesn't reflow its layout for different screen sizes. Google penalizes non-responsive sites. In addition, if your site looks dated, many people will hit your site and leave again right away. People don't trust sites that look old. There's no point in working hard to get on page one, only to lose most of your visitors because people don't trust your site. It pays to remember too, that your site is a reflection of your practice, and is often the first impression that new patients will have. If your site looks professional and modern, they will assume that your practice is too.

Ease of Editing

Tired of the inconvenience and expense of having to contact your web developer every time you need a small change on your site? WordPress is the solution to that too. With a properly built WordPress site you'll be able to make 90% of site changes and edits yourself, with no knowledge of HTML or CSS. We even provide you with an instructional video on how to edit your site once it's done.

What's the Cost?

You'll find these options at on the Sign Up page. If you prefer to go with our no-contract service, we'll build you a new site for a one-time flat fee of $999. Or, you can take a six month contract and we'll build your new site absolutely free!

Will Rebuilding My Site Have a Negative Impact on my Current Ranking?

Absolutely not. We'll rebuild your site in such a way that the content and URL structure does not change. This means that as far as Google is concerned it's exactly the same site. It is possible that converting to WordPress might even result in a slightly higher ranking all on it's own, before we even do any of our SEO tasks.