SEO For Dentists

Does My Dental Practice Need SEO?

Unless you already have all the patients your practice can handle (in which case, why are you reading this? Go celebrate on a beach somewhere!) you're looking for a way to expand your dental practice.

If your website is professional and polished it is potentially the most effective tool you have available to you to drive more people into your dental chair. In the U.S. alone there are over 1 million searches done on Google every month for 'dentist', 'dentist near me' and other keywords for dental practices.

Sure, you could use Pay Per Click and get an ad right at the top of the page. Done right, it will even be profitable. But, studies show that 95% of users today won't click on ads. What they do click on is organic results and Google map pack results. If you rank highly in these first page placements, you are guaranteed more traffic than your competition and a steady stream of new patients!

SEM decision chart for dentists
google map pack top 3 results for local seo

3 is the Magic Number

The top 3 organic search results garner 53% of the clicks. While clicks do increase the higher your rank, that is, #1 typically gets more than numbers 2 and 3, it's not quite that simple. Searchers don't just automatically click on the top result. They're looking for something. In this case, a dentist or dental service. Typically they'll click on whichever result promises the most relevant answer to their search term. This means that what your listing says and how it says it is just as important as placement. It's entirely possible for a listing in the #3 position to outperform #1.

Then there's the map pack. When you type in a search for a local business google shows you 3 results below a map. This is also referred to as the 'local pack' or even sometimes the 'snack pack'. Listings that show up here will consistently outperform organic results for local businesses like your dental practice.

And, if your site is in both the top 3 organic results and the top 3 map pack results, you're certain to be getting more new patients than your lower-ranked competition!

SEO for Dentists: Calculating ROI

You decide to hire us for a 6 month Search Engine Marketing campaign. We’ve promised that we’ll put your site on the first page of Google or your money back. While we can’t always guarantee it, we’re also going to work very hard to put your practice in the top 3 Google Map Pack results – these are the results that Google displays by default.

But what’s it worth? We’ll tell you outright what the cost of the campaign will be. We charge a flat monthly fee that’s based upon the size of your market, which is a good indicator of how hard your competition will be to beat. That’s only half the information you need though. You also need to know how much you stand to earn from this investment.

Fortunately we can provide a pretty good estimate of that number as well. We only really need to know two things, and one of them you can figure out better than we can. What’s the Average Lifetime Value of a New Patient? The second piece of the puzzle is being able to estimate how many new patients you can expect to garner from your higher page ranking? This is something we can answer for you.

Armed with those two numbers you can now do a cost/benefit analysis of your investment and decide if an SEO campaign is right for your dental practice.

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